UpGrade wins Best Demo at LAK’22

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Our demo of UpGrade just won Best Demo at LAK22: The 12th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference! Below is the abstract and a link to a recording of the demo.

Demo of UpGrade: An A/B testing platform to support learning analytics at scale

April Murphy, Steve Ritter, Zack Lee

In this demo, we provide a walkthrough of a working instance of UpGrade, an open-source platform for running large-scale field experiments and A/B tests in educational software. UpGrade integrates with a client EdTech application and operates as a web-based service, providing an interface for researchers or product developers to set up and manage parameters such as condition assignment, start and end logic, and simple metrics monitoring for randomized controlled trials within the integrated application. We walk through experiment creation for a simple application called QuizApp, log in as example students, and show how UpGrade randomly assigns students one of two possible experimental conditions. We then review UpGrade’s dashboard and user interface, which displays condition parameters as well as enrollment and metrics data, and review the steps required to use UpGrade with an EdTech app. We conclude the demo by discussing how UpGrade has been used to conduct randomized controlled trials in educational software serving tens of thousands of students, and close with an open invitation for partners and collaborators to help make UpGrade a valuable resource for the learning engineering community. 

You can view a recording of the demo at the link above, or at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18kmGW9GQQPs09Thydtq16W_uWwsK1g01/view 

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