UpGrade 2022 Year in Review

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2022 was a big year for UpGrade! Primary UpGrade developers and users Playpower Labs and Carnegie Learning continued to develop and enhance the platform and deliver focused A/B tests of learning experiences to hundreds of thousands of students, proving that UpGrade is a robust and effective platform for helping learning scientists and EdTech companies conduct high-quality educational research at scale.

Here are some highlights of UpGrade activities in 2022.

 Playpower Labs used UpGrade to A/B test different learning experiences in the Battleship Numberline game, reaching nearly 300,000 users

  Carnegie Learning launched 10 unique experiments to understand which learning experiences are more effective at supporting academic outcomes

  Students received unique condition assignments in over 50 mathematics topics in Carnegie Learning’s MATHia software

  Carnegie Learning’s educational improvement experiments reached nearly 45,000 unique students

  UpGrade developers addressed over 130 Github issues, created over 100 design mockups, and completed 3 major code releases

  Educational researchers using UpGrade included over 13 collaborators at 3 research institutions

  Key features launched in 2022 include user segmentation, updated training materials and demo, support for Caliper, UI redesign, and support for coordinated decision points

As you can see, the UpGrade team has been very busy! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come in 2023.


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