How UpGrade can improve K-12 education

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As we announced in April, Carnegie Learning’s UpGrade team is one of 3 finalists selected to advance to the next phase of the XPRIZE Digital Learning Challenge! Did you know that this team is the ONLY group focused on K-12 education to make it to the finals? The goal of the challenge is to “modernize, accelerate, and improve the ways in which we identify effective learning tools and processes that improve learning outcomes”. Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the Digital Learning Challenge will empower researchers and EdTech product developers to conduct high-quality, reproducible, and large-scale educational experiments to better understand which learning experiences lead to better outcomes for students. UpGrade is uniquely poised to be a catalyst for this type of transformative change by integrating with virtually any EdTech software product to enable large-scale, easily reproducible studies to understand what works best in education.

As the only team explicitly addressing education in K-12 environments, the Carnegie Learning team has focused on how to improve outcomes in math for students in real classrooms across the country, including hard-to-reach and underrepresented populations.

Read more on Businesswire about the Digital Learning Challenge and how Carnegie Learning is using UpGrade to help improve educational experiences for all.

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